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The power of technology in the comfort of your own home. Our groundbreaking technologies will enable you to have the Richmont Monaco experience every day. Each device is tailor-made to treat different needs so that your skin will benefit and shine.



Put on your mask and let your inner and outer glow show. It will shine for miles away. And then some



Scrub off your day and get a clean break from it all while transforming your cleansing routine, making it a daily must.



LED the Light in and let your skin brighten your day with flying colors. What a wonderful way to make your day.



Life can be stressful, and our skin can easily become stressed. We can’t solve everything that life brings your way, but we have the perfect solution so your skin will become firm, rejuvenated, and oh so even.

Dr Krupnik


This clinically proven device helped many of my patients in improving their skin condition.

We have noticed major enhancement of scaring and signs of aging. I highly recommended Richmont Monaco home technology for anyone that would like to achieve better results at the comfort of his home. 



A personal shopper of the rich and famous and a household name in Monaco. Marin has been inclined towards fashion and luxury since her childhood. She combines the ultimate luxury experience while adding her personal touch to everything she does.

Besides her glamorous lifestyle, she is also a leading influencer, followed by international brands such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuiton, Armani. Among a few.

What people say about us

Alessandra Fertel
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I love this brand; ever since I came across these devices, I have fallen head over heels in love; it’s so professional, scientific, and the evidence is on my skin, and I see it every day, and so do my friends and family
Alice Woodling
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I Purchased Richmont devices for my wife as a birthday gift. I was a bit hesitant since I was not sure if they would work well on her skin. Surprisingly, the products worked for her, and her skin looks more beautiful than before. She is now the biggest fan of Richmont products.
Rita Largeir
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I have been using the “Glowshield” Meticulously for the past 12 weeks, and my skin loves it.
Sandra Rosa
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I have deep wrinkles surrounding my mouth and eyes, and both have drastically reduced, highly recommended.
Celine Annali
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I purchased the “LIGHTECH” device from Richmont, and everything about my skin changed for the better. My skin feels smooth; it looks healthy. This is what any woman who is struggling with aging skin needs. It Is Just amazing.
Jesica Marinali
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At 40, my skin looked older than my actual age. I decided to use the “DERMAROLL,” and the outcome was thrilling. My skin looks much younger. Recently I have tried the “TRIONIX” as well, and it has not disappointed me. Richmont devices have become a part of my routine.
Emma Villed
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I love the “TRIONIX” device. After using it for two weeks, my skin had changed entirely. The pores are not as big as before, the glow I was looking for came back, and the overall appearance of my skin was incredible.

High-end technology. Real results.